Broadband for the Next Billion - Geeks Without Frontiers

Broadband for the Next Billion

B4B: Also known as “ Broadband for the Next Billion. ” Combined with VillageConnect and S4G, will fuel a technological revolution by connecting many of the 4.2 billion people currently without internet access. With internet connectivity rural areas will have the ability become more educated, connected with the developing world, and able to create new business opportunities.

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HumanityConnect! - Geeks Without Frontiers


The HumanityConnect! initiative, through which GWF addresses the needs of forcibly displaced people and communities throughout the world with connectivity-based capabilities that are relevant to those who have been marginalized or exploited through conflict, disasters and other averse factors.

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CommunityConnect! - Geeks Without Frontiers


CommunityConnect! is GEEK’s award-winning initiative which received strong support from the satellite and connectivity communities and which is designed to drive and inspire a global policy effort to close the digital divide, to accelerate satellite broadband connectivity to the estimated 4.2 billion people who do not have the benefit of internet access, and to help meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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VillageConnect! - Geeks Without Frontiers


The VillageConnect! project is the first step in achieving the broader goal of Broadband for a Billion. The initiative plans to implement 100 demonstration villages using very low energy powered satellite ground systems, powered by solar panels, to provide internet in villages in the developing world in order to help enhance medical, educational, social and economic facilities and benefits. The preliminary planning of VillageConnect! initiative is to organize 20 villages in each of 5 targeted countries.

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DigOnce! - Geeks Without Frontiers


Geeks Without Frontiers has developed an open infrastructure initiative called DigOnce! a plan to accelerate the deployment of fiber optic networks. DigOnce! will speed the creation of gigabit villages around the world. 85% of fiber optic cost are related to digging the trenches for laying the fiber optic cabling. The vision of the DigOnce! initiative allows for the installation of empty fiber optic conduits as roads are expanded and built.

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Connectivity is the Revolution! - Geeks Without Frontiers

Connectivity is the Revolution!

Connectivity is the Revolution is a thought leadership forum and conference series dedicated to bringing together the greatest talent in industry, policy circles, government, and practitioners to identify challenges and issues relating to connectivity and to develop strategies and solutions for closing the digital divide. The first forum was held at George Washington University in Washington D.C. and focused on village connectivity issues and dig once policies.

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Impact Credits & Sustainable Development Credits (SDCredits) - Geeks Without Frontiers

Impact Credits & Sustainable Development Credits (SDCredits)

Geeks Without Frontiers' innovative system of "Impact Credits" or “Sustainable Development Credits” (also known as "SDCredits")  can drive and accelerate both public and private investment into critical projects of social importance, and in particular infrastructure projects by providing investors formal acknowledgement for the social and developmental impact of investments toward achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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