Global Vision

Our goal is to positively impact the lives of a billion people in the next ten years through the innovative use of technology, connectivity and sustainable social enterprise models.

By utilizing state of the art technologies which leverage the benefits of satellite, wireless and fiber based communication solutions and by supporting an ecosystem of related hardware and software tools together with a new approach to social entrepreneurship, Geeks believes that it can contribute to empowering local communities and help to catalyze positive global change.

GEEKS in Action

Focusing on humanity’s greatest challenges, Geeks leverages the skills of leaders in technology and social enterprise with a view to developing sustainable communications solutions, which, coupled with innovative social enterprise models, are designed to improve the quality of life, health, education and economic well-being of communities globally.

Geeks’ first significant project was the development of low cost, open source, mesh based WiFi technology. This is a step in the direction of affordable broadband for all, capable of bringing tremendous social and economic benefits to millions, especially in areas where legacy broadband has not been made available.

Geeks’ main focus is its Broadband for the next Billion (“B4B”) initiative which aims to bring connectivity to many of the 3 billion who remain without adequate access. B4B includes VillageConnect! – developing sustainable rural WiFi solutions using satellite, wireless and fibre technologies, and DigOnce! – model legislation designed to accelerate the rollout of affordable fiber optic networks in both advanced and emerging economies through the introduction of green, intelligent, infrastructure sharing protocols.

Geeks’ leadership, with backgrounds in technology, communications, satellite, space, entrepreneurship and social enterprise, are located in Europe, UK and USA.